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About Us

About Alaa Mohra Properties

We are not just another real estate agency with brokers, Alaa Mohra Properties was founded to pour some light over this industry, we are here to deliver truth and bring transparency over deals. We want you to know how does this works. We are here to educate you so you can invest your hard-earned money to get the best investment results possible. We are here to show you all the hidden tips and tricks so you can not only choose the house of your dreams but to enjoy it for the rest of your life. You will choose us because we are investors too and we know it better.

Meet Alaa Mohra, the Founder:

Real Estate investor,, multiple businesses owner, public figure. Alaa Mohra is a true example of a success story, he moved to Dubai in 2005 after spending all his family personal savings to buy the flight ticket all the way to 2012 when he made his first one million dollar till now where he became a real estate giant and an inspiration to everyone including his friends, family and the 1 million followers on his social media pages. Alaa has a unique strategy of investing in real estate which works efficiently and effectively and helped him makes millions of profits in the past 10 years. Alaa decided to share his experience, tips and tricks on social media early 2021 and became a real estate star in 2022 after Mohra started his journey as a real estate sensation in 2010.’

Meet Alaa Mohra, the Founder:

Real Estate expert, co-founder of Alaa Mohra Properties, public figure. Sunny angel on Earth. Despite being a young entrepreneur, Daria is eager for justice, decency and kindness for this world. She genuinely wishes for each deal to be the most fair and transparent. The empathy for each client makes her bring the best investment outcomes possible. Daria came to Dubai just before the pandemic. She quickly saw the opportunities and huge potential of the city and now she wants to share it with the world. Because she believes in “pay forward” theory. It means you have to help people without expecting a payback and instead those people will pass the kindness to other people and so on. This way we can make the world a better place. Daria is a fresh mind and she’s a beam of light among the real estate sharks.