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5 reasons to buy a house in Dubai in 2023

5 reasons to buy a house in Dubai in 2023

Real Estate industry has always attracted investors and people who are interested to build a stable future for them and their family. In this article we will talk about reasons to buy a house in Dubai in 2023. 

Reason 5: It's accessible for everyone

Dubai Real Estate is very attractive for it's accessibility. You can purchase, sell and own a property regardless of your status of residency. This means you don't have to be a resident or a citizen of UAE to buy a property. In fact you don't even require a visa to do that. 

Read this article Step by step guide on how can a foreigner buy a property in Dubai.

Reason 4: Easy payment plan

Dubai Real Estate developers have made it easier for people to buy a house in Dubai. You don't have to take a loan from a bank to be able to afford a property. There are plenty of payment plan options from the developer. Some buildings are off plan and some are post handover payment plan. 

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Reason 3: It is still cheap

Dubai Real Estate market has been rapidly growing for the past 20 years and it will continue to grow for at least another 20 years. First of all it's a great chance to ride this wave. And second, property prices in Dubai are still much more affordable then in other developed popular cities worldwide.  

You can check resent transactions on the market on this government website.

Reason 2: The golden visa

One of the most amazing benefits of buying a house in Dubai is easy access to becoming an UAE resident for a long time not only for yourself but for your whole family. The real estate investor who owns a property equal valued at AED 2,000,000 or more at the time of purchase are eligible to apply for a 10 years renewable residency visa, and the husband or wife and children can be sponsored.  

Reason 1: High capital appreciation 

Real Estate has always shown great results in terms of building your wealth. As we mentioned earlier the Dubai Real Estate market is rapidly growing. If you choose the right property to invest to you can make a profit for as much as AED 1 000 000 in just one year. But these are special cases. In average real estate investors make around AED 100 000 - 400 000 in one year in profit on capital appreciation.  

How to choose a property that will grow in value

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